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Amusement Park Rides And Child Safety

Investigators found that the seat of a teen who fell to his death from an amusement park ride was still locked. We examine the risk. Read more...

Grooming Takes Time: How Safe Adults Can Spot Red Flags Before A Crime Is Committed

: A man who lured children from children's events and venues is convicted of several child sexual abuse charges. We examine grooming and what safe adults should know. Read more...

Steps To Take If You Discover Online Child Pornography

A Texas family is suing Snapchat, a school district, and a teacher who used the platform to groom their underage child. We examine the risk of child pornography. Read more...

TikTok Challenges Present Risks For Children

TikTok has developed safety features aimed at protecting teenage users from dangerous online challenges. How can safe adults help? Read more...

June 27, 2022
Changes to Chicago's Human Rights Ordinance are effective July 1, 2022. Here's what employers need to know:
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A school district terminates two high school coaches for inappropriate interactions with players. Clear and well-communicated conduct policies can help you avoid this risk.
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A man was charged with rape a minor after authorities found a video of him and a minor engaging in sexual activity on social media. We examine grooming behaviors.
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